We make technology work for you!

We know that trying to keep a close eye on your network and computers can take valuable time away from your business. Our state-of-the-art software can alert you in real time about problems on your network and can even recommend replacements to existing hardware so make sure your business stays productive with minimal downtime. 
iconBusiness Analytics
With our business intelligence tool no matter where you are you can monitor the state of your business. Our custom reporting allows you to login to our servers and monitor your business in real-time or if you prefer you can receive daily emails regarding the state of your network.
iconRepair and Automation
No system is perfect, but our flexible and scalable plans allow you to rest easy knowing that ZTechnologies is managing your network around the clock. Our technicians automate tasks and updates to ensure the reliability of your network. 
iconManaged Anti-Virus
 Your network can be monitored, well so can you Anti-Virus. We use one of the most robust Anti-Virus platforms available and integrated directly to our system monitoring services. We monitor your machines in real-time, and if there are any threats detected on your network our system automatically quarantines and securely removes the virus, allowing you to keep working with no loss in productivity.  
iconData Backup and Recovery
Protecting your data is our main priority. We offer an integrated data backup service to make sure that your data is always backed up and secure. All of your data is remotely uploaded to our secure data centers and can be downloaded back to your computer at any time. You can pick and choose the data you want backed up or your can back up the computer in it’s entirety including your operating system and programs. 
iconEmail Management
We know that email is a vital business tool, but managing it can be hassle. With our email management and protection services we can archive your email securely for up to 10 years ensuring compliance, and our email protection service monitors incoming and outgoing email for viruses and spam ensuring the safety of your network..  
iconIntrusion Detection
With the recent increase in malicious behavior from hackers steal personal and vital information from businesses, how can you know that your information is secure? ZTechnologies uses industry leading technology to prevent unauthorized access to critical business files and systems. If any attempt is made to breach your systems our system responds by disabling access from the source of the intrusion, a technician will be notified and will contact you and if any vulnerabilities are found we implement change to prevent it in the future.
iconHealth Monitoring
Your network is a lot like a person, and needs constant check-ups. With our 24/7 monitoring we do just that. An unmonitored network can lead to downtime and loss of employee productivity. This feature is integrated with our alerts software and we can see the warning signs of potential problems and recommend a solution before it takes a toll on your network. Don’t lose any more time in lost productivity, and waiting for a technician to fix the problem after it happens, let us proactively monitor your network before your computer needs repaired. 
Our dedicated staff works around the clock to manage our businesses networks. We have a fully integrated helpdesk system available to you, our clients, where you can submit support tickets, get answers to frequently asked questions, and manage your open tickets. Any and all requested will be placed in the helpdesk either by your staff our ours, and you can view the status of your ticket with a simple click of a button. 
iconMobile Device Management
 Are you worried about your mobile assets like phones and tablets? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. One simple app can be installed on your device to give you peace of mind, our software includes mobile device tracking for lost and stolen equipment, Remote data wipe for a lost device that can’t be recovered, password resets in case of forgotten passwords, and a host of other valuable business features.  
iconRemote Management
No need to wait for a technician to come to you. Many problems can be solved remotely. Rather than giving us a call and waiting for technician as long as your computer still has internet access we can remotely login to your computer and fix the problem remotely helping you resolve your problem quickly so you can get on with your day.  
iconWeb Filtering
 Worried about network security because of “spoofed” websites, accidentally downloading malicious software, or lost productivity because of social networking? There’s no need for expensive software and installing ineffective website blockers. We have a reliable and scalable suite of tools that’s quick to implement and affordable. You can block individual sites or block entire categories. Our software installs and runs silently in the background and can be changed or removed in just minutes.    

Why call a geek, when you can call a professional.